About Enrica Aloisi

With a formative experience that embraces many branches of music, the Italian pianist Enrica Aloisi works mainly in the fields of education, public relations and as performer of chamber music


Having graduated at the Conservatory of Music “Tito Schipa” of Lecce with M° Corrado Nicola De Bernart also after studying with M° Alexander Hintchev, Enrica has worked for more than 10 years as an educator and teacher. In addition to her teaching experience of music and piano preparation courses for “Il Giardino dei Suoni” in Rome and a long collaboration with the musical training of a religious choir, Enrica continues to show attention and interest in the best teaching methods by following important courses and seminars. Further to the canonical courses of music methodology, pedagogy and teaching, highlights include courses focused on reticular musical didactics, Orff-Schulwerk  methods and teaching methods about specific learning disorders. Enrica is passionate about leading future generations of artists and currently is working as a teacher on the “Sistema Musica Arnesano” project, which brings the study of a string instrument at a curriculum level in primary school and teaches piano for “Sfere Sonore”, an association that works with important realities, not only local, including Beatrice Rana’s Festival ClassicheFORME.

Enrica Aloisi in a performance with the poetess Marthia Carrozzo and Nicola Mauro at Torre Lapillo


As a pianist, she is very active in chamber music with a repertoire ranging from classical through romantic to contemporary. Since 2018, she has been engaged as performer in a project to spread the music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and musical minimalism with the chamber ensemble “Il suono lontano” playing both in mixed formations and as a soloist. Firmly believing in the fusion of the arts as a way to reach and educate an audience not accustomed to classical music, she has collaborated in different projects. Highlights include performances of music and poetry with well-known Italian personalities like Marthia Carrozzo, Benedetta Pati and Giovanna Politi. Enrica has also gained experience in accompanying religious choirs, singers and solo instruments, especially flutes, with the keyboard and piano. She has collaborated with the “Filarmonica Città di Gallipoli” and with the youth orchestra A.Gre.Ga.Da.


With a multi-faceted career in the arts, Enrica combines her experience as a classical musician with knowledge of marketing, writing and public relations. In addition to running the blog “Musica e Passione” from 2017 with the main purpose of providing tips about studying an instrument and giving information to families that are outside the classical music world, she is committed to spreading the idea of music as a primary educational right. Therefore, it has been called upon to collaborate with relevant local organizations in the field of music to promote events and organizations and to manage their online presence. Thanks to her excellent communication, organizational and teamwork skills, reliability, marketing experience, creativity and relevant IT skills, Enrica works as a press office for Sfere Sonore and as digital marketer for Sistema Musica Arnesano, obtaining wide public and client approval.